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Based in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands

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1 April, 2015

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Well Dressed is a virtual stylist and personal shopper for the iPhone and iPad. A user starts by taking a picture of his face. Well Dressed will analyse it for colours and determine the users "design". Based on this design Well Dressed will pull garments from our database, either store garments or the users own wardrobe, and starts combining them into harmonious outfits that the fit the user. To be sure that a user will always know what to wear for any occasion, Well Dressed also combines clothes based on the local weather, season, budget and favourite styles.

Beyond advising users on what to wear, Well Dressed also offers other useful features such as discount tracking, wardrobe management, and finding similar garments. All in all Well Dressed holds all the features a fashionista, or just someone who likes to improve looks, needs to discover his personal style.


Well Dressed has been developed as a side-project by Stephan Duquesnoy. The project started as a set of algorithms that determine colour palettes and volumes, to be used by painters and visual designers. After the algorithms where created the idea was born to combine the fashion with the algorithm, in an attempt to create an app that makes is easier to find fun outfits to wear. With the help of testers and their feedback during 2014/2015 the app developed to a point where it includes stores, personal profiles and weather calculations


  • Get outfit advice based on how you look.
  • Shop from over 50000 garments, with new garments added every day.
  • Upload your own clothes, and discover new excited pieces to expand your wardrobe with.
  • Uses weather information to create outfits for day to day use.
  • Keeps an list of garments you like, and lets you know when they go on sale.
  • Find garments from stores that look like garments you own
  • And much more!!!


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International launch press.welldressed-app.com.

About Well Dressed

We're a mobile application development studio specialized in the fashion industry. Currently the app is tailored to menswear, but will later be differentiated in the fashion world for women and children (mobile and web). Welldressed (http://welldressed-app.com/) is a mobile application that advises you what to wear at which occasion and smoothens your general fashion shopping experience. The app offers an ultimate combination of a spot on personal (digital) stylist, a quick shopper and an insightful manager for your wardrobe. The personal stylist uses a unique algorithm that calculates the best matching garments designs, patterns and colours triggered by your hair-, facial-, body- and eye colour (personal profile). The personal stylist advises the best garments and outfit matches based upon the available garments in your wardrobe manager and your personal profile. You can easily discard or save the outfits you like or find a new shirt in the shopper. We are currently working on expanding into womenswear, as well as providing a platform for young and upcoming designers where they can introduce their designs to our users.

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Welldressed Credits

Stephan Duquesnoy
Founder, WellDressed

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